American GreenCard Lottery

Terms and Conditions

Our Guarantee

  • You will not be disqualified due to an error in your application form.
  • You will not be disqualified due to misunderstanding the DV-Lottery requirements.
  • You will not be disqualified because you missed the submission time period.
  • All your personal and confidential information will be kept privately.
  • You will always be able to check and update your on-line account.

Your responsibility

  • It is your responsibility to provide ALL the requirements on time. It is the user's sole responsibility to complete all items/information. TakeGreencard.Com will not submit user's application for GreenCard unless all information and data are received from the user on time and according to the requirements mentioned in TakeGreencard.Com.

Important notices

  • These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any time, without notification by
  • No refunds will be provided, for any reason for services provided or work performed. All refund requests recieved after one days from the original date of purchase are not applicable for a refund.
  • If for any reason a country’s name was withdrawn from the approved list by USA immigeration authorities, unfortuantely, we can not refund the fees.