American GreenCard Lottery

About Us

TakeGreencard.Com Services helps non-American natives to obtain the USA GreenCard.
It has launched a unique secure GreenCard Lottery online application which will ensure your entry is error-free, and allows you to easily track the status of your application. Helping individuals and families from every country of the world to achieve their dreams of legally and permanently living and working in the United States through successful participation in the GreenCard Lottery. Our professional experts are highly qualified and invest great time and effort in the careful preparation and review of every application with no mistakes or lack of required data to satisfy the stringent requirements established by the US Government.
In the past, approx. 28.42% of applications were refused because of lack of correct information. This means out of 3 applicants, 1 applicant looses the chance of being considered for DV Program because of some minor errors in the application. If you register and use our services , we will make sure this will not happen to you.
Let TakeGreencard.Com help you apply to the GreenCard Lottery today and we may welcome you to the United States tomorrow!